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Get your starter(primary) pokemon here and buy your secondary pokemon guidelines

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Get your starter(primary) pokemon here and buy your secondary pokemon guidelines

Post by zoids25 on Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:27 pm

How to get your primary pokemon

lick these thread and propose 1 who would you like to be a starter and an admin will give it to you, you will be only to choose the starters like, mudkip, charmabder, chimchar, piplup, torchic, treeko, squirtle etc.


How to get your secondary pokemon

Hi everyone!

This is a topic to note that you can have 2 maximum pokemons where you can buy your secondary pokemon here.


-be sure to buy the 1st stage of he pokemon, meaning no 2nd stage evolution or so are bought here, example: feebas, makuhita, magnemite,zubat,zigzagon, etc.

-be specific on your titles

prizes of the secondary pokemon

-A 1st staged pokemon (or not yet evolving) to be placed on your secondary pokemon costs: 7,000 pokedollars

-A legendary pokemon placed on your secondary pokemon costs 20,000 pokedollars

be sure to create your own topic on buying your secondary pokemon, thanks

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