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Online Pokemon Game Pokemon MMORPG PokemonCraft

Post by PokemonCraft on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:55 am

hello guys.
i hope you are all fine.

i will tell you a little bit about PokemonCraft.

PokemonCraft is a free mmorpg online pokemon game . It is one of the best browser based games.
PokemonCraft is based on real nintendo ds pokemon games .

PokemonCraft has many unique features

1-) It is using artwork images
2-) Very hard level up compared to other games
3-) Real game mechanics like nintendo ds pokemon games have
4-) awesomely designed and detailed pokedex which gives lots of info about game play
5-) unique market and trade system
6-) server side check at every action so 0 possibility to cheating
7-) advanced security system which prevents hackers

and lots of other stuff

here complete tutorial about pokemoncraft at youtube


here official facebook page


i hope you enjoy


also this forum is pretty fast


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