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~History of the Past~ (In other words History of Zappy's Work)

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~History of the Past~ (In other words History of Zappy's Work)

Post by zappyspiker on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:24 pm

Once Upon a Time, many months ago I started Photoshop (okay maybe like 2-3 Months ago). Those times I was an idiot, Stupid well Ok I was still a newbie my first pieces of art looked like this:

And The banner for Pokemon Net Battle looked nothing like ot does today

About one week later I started working on my own backgrounds and my first piece of art was for my Pokemon group and PokeCommunity which ended up like this:

About a half a month later, I finally got my own Photoshop at home as I had been using the school one And I made my first sig ever for PC

I also started making banners for Pokemon Groups at PC which has gone pretty successful and the owners were always really happy

I also started making Sig for my friends as well

This point in time was when I first made PNBs 2nd banner:

The past month I've been pretty much making sigs and avis for my own use at PC

And finally I've been making Banners and Buttons for other Forums I work with

That's all for now! Keep a lookout for more work in the history (of me)

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Re: ~History of the Past~ (In other words History of Zappy's Work)

Post by Mystic_gohan2 on Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:35 am

nice zappy

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