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D/P/P/HG/SS style overworld tutorial

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D/P/P/HG/SS style overworld tutorial

Post by Kaadu554 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:52 am

1st thing to do is to choose a character you want to turn into... something blocky.

2nd thing to do is to choose a pallet and a character base.
These bases run from
Other female hand signs, I guess!?

1. the clothing,
= Follow the shading to of the skin, ONLY IN SOME CASES =

The first picture I colored the shirt Harley wears

Second, I use a base color for the pants.

Third, I added the zipper thing, and the shadow from the shirt.

Forth, I colored his shoes.

2. The Jacket!
First i made the base of the jacket.

This is where the OSC (Only in some cases) applys, to be able to see the jacket color with the base only, using minimal shadow.

Second I added the sleeves.

3. The Hat.
First i made an outline.
o this in a color you can see apart fro you pallet colors=

Second I colored it with the base an outline color.

Third I added the shadows.
=when you make a hat remember to make the shadow on the palyer or NPC's (Non-Playable Character's) skin.

4. The hair
=Hair isn't complicated and can be made in several different ways, but that's another tutorial.=

First i made the side-bangs. (Combination of sideburns and bangs, Arn't I smaticle)

Second i added the back of the hair and shadows.

Topic cleaned and Locked, If you have any feedback or question with these tutorial, post it here

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