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rules and information about game

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rules and information about game

Post by Mystic_gohan2 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:43 am

If you want to battle a person just create a thread stating who you want to battle.
For Example I create a thread "I challenge you Mystic_Gohan".So we will battle in this thread
Remember once thread created then all the battles between me and mystic gohan will take place in that thread.
You Can Single or Double Battle a trainer.No Triple Battle or more is supported in here.
Now about Battles
When you battle and wiin you earn 3 EXP Points And 4 Pokemon Money.
When your pokemon wins 2 battles it levels up
These 2 things are needed for many things.If you have 20 EXP Points you can evolve a 1st Stage Pokemon.If you have 30 EXP Points you can evolve a 2nd Stage Pokemon.And If you have 40 EXP Points you can evolve a 3rd Stage Pokemon.But your Pokemon must be at the right level to evolve
For Example

Charmander is a 1st Stage Pokemon and if he is Level 16 you can spend your 20 EXP Points at the Evolution Center to Evolve Him To Charmeleon

Charmeleon is a 2nd Stage Pokemon and if he is Level 36 you can spend your 30 EXP Points at the Evolution Center to evolve him into Charizard

Since Charizard (3rd Stage) can't evolve anymore so you can just continue training him.If there is a pokemon which can evolve into its 4th stage then you can evolve its 3rd stage by spending 40 EXP points in Evolution Center

About Attacks
When you have the Starter Pokemon it will have 2 attacks already learned.
A Pokemon learns New Attacks in gaps of level 5's
That means a pokemon will learn a new attack on Level 5,10,15,20,25 and so on in multiple's of 5...
When your Pokemon Evolves grows up 1 level its HP Goes up by 2.

Normal Attacks like Ember,Watergun,Vine Whip,Razor Leaf,etc do 10 damage.10+ Damage if super effective and -5 damage if not effective.
Medium Attacks like Flamethrower,Surf,Solar Beam,etc do 20 Damage.10+ Damage is Super Effective.5- if not effective
Strong Attacks like Fire Blast,Hydro Pump,Frenz Plant,Blast Burn,Hydro Cannon,etc do 30 Damage.10+ if super effective and 10- if not effective
You can get new Pokemon at Pokemon Shop.There you Can Buy Pokemon with your Pokemon Money.
Pokemon Prices Depend.
Local Pokemon Battle Tournaments can be held by normal users.Holding a Tournament is not free.It Costs 50 Pokemon Points.And the Organiser of the Tournament has to decide the Prizes For His Tournament.
Any user who wants to hold a local Tournament may PM me.For Local Tournament Prizes.They Can Either be Pokemon Money or EXP Points or AI Cash.The Limit for these things is 50 for the winner.You may set prize for 2nd and 3rd users below 50
There will also be Monthly Tournaments.The Winner of Monthly Tournament gets 100 Pokemon Money.Then 1st Runner Up Gets 60 Pokemon Money and the 2nd Runner Up Gets 40 Pokemon Money.
The Winner also a gets a Pokemon as a Prize

P.S. If you have challenged a trainer and he has accepted the battle and then goes away without giving some reason for 2 days or more then the other trainer wins.Thus if someone quits a battle in between you must come back in 2 days hour.But If you challenge a trainer and the other trainer hasn't accepted it and doesn't reply then the other trainer doesn't win. and if you come online and do not battle we will think that you are losing so you have ran and if you are going out of station the please post in battle that i won't be there at blah blah blah

Pokemon Trainer Card is also needed for this game
You can create a trainer card here
Save the Image in your Computer then upload it on some Image Hosting site

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