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how to ask for a battle, standard rules, tiers list

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how to ask for a battle, standard rules, tiers list

Post by mike182 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:36 pm

when you make a topic be sure to include these

standard rules (state whether you want to battle by them or not)
level: 50/100 (you can choose on wifi)
whether or not you hack
any clauses that arent covered in standard rules
your own rule( some people hate to play against certain pokemon) and that may seem silly but you dont have to battle that person

standard rules are:
sleep/freeze clause
you may only induce one pokemon with freeze/sleep effects at a time on your enemies team
yawn cant be used as a pseudo haze move (if the opponent rests one of there pokemon you may put another to sleep/freeze) you should also refrain from moves that have a chance of freezing your target

species clause
you cant have to of the same pokemon on a team... you can however have the fully evolved version and not fully evolved version of a pokemon on a team (chansey and blissey can be on a team together)

evasion cluase
you cannot use moves that increase your evasion or decrease a foes accuracy (moves like sand attack and double team)this is because it will only cause frustration and unfairness

OHKO clause
(one hit knock out) you cannot move that will ensure a knock out if hit (moves are Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold)

no hacks
any form of hacking at all is against standard rules but many people ignore this clause if you hack make sure it is ok with the person you are battling

ubers clause
you cannot use pokemon in the uber tier anything below is acceptable

here is smogons tier list
i chose smogon because it is most commonly used and they have the most thought out and constructed tier list available


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