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how to ask for a team rate/and what to do in a RMT thread

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how to ask for a team rate/and what to do in a RMT thread

Post by mike182 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:08 pm

this is a simple template on how to format a team rating thread

well this isnt smogon here so you dont have to go all out with pictures or anything but that would be nice

this is the basic setup of a team

role of pokemon
pokemon@the item it will hold**nickname
nature:nature of pokemon
ability: ability of the pokemon
EV:the EV spread of your pokemon

short description of the pokemon and its purpose
(repeat 5 times)

ok thats the basic essentials of how to make a team rate thread
thats a little boring though isnt it? feel free to spice it up so people can enjoy what there reading a bit more


physical sweeper

salamence (F)@choice band**wendyclear
nature: jolly
ability: intimidate
fire fang

a basic banded mence with crazy amounts of damage eq,fire fang, crunch for coverage and outrage for huge stab attacks not even blissey can survive it

see isnt that pretty?

now what you do in someone elses RMT (rate my team) thread is critique the team, tell them its weaknesses (IE a mono dragon team would have a huge ice weakness and would need a walling kingdra very badly)

tell them whats good about the team what can be changed what is useful and what is pointless but do it in a respectful manner no need to call a person stupid for something that wont work when you can easily just say it doesnt make sense or it is a bad idea

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