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[Read It!]Pokemon Clubs and Groups Rules

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[Read It!]Pokemon Clubs and Groups Rules

Post by zoids25 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:33 am

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These rules are both applied in the Mixed Community Groups general forum, as well as the Other Clubs forum.
Mixed Community Groups for clubs dedicated to people/things you like. MCG is split into three different sections, which are explained below.

Pokemon Groups- For any and all Pokemon-type clubs.
Member Fan clubs- For fan clubs dedicated to other forum members.
Other Clubs- For any other types of clubs.

The Rules:

Check to see that your club doesn't already exist.
How? It's quite simple. Go to the section of MCG where your club would belong. For example, if you want to start an Altaria club, go to the main area, Mixed Community Groups. Click the arrow beside "Search this Forum". In the drop-down box, type the partial name of the club you're trying to make. For example, "altaria". You will be presented with a list of results. If the club you're trying to make appears on the list, it exists.

No posting in dead clubs.
Dead clubs, technically speaking, are clubs that haven't been posted in for over 30 days (a month). If a club is dead, you may of course remake it, but if it hasn't been 30 days, then just reply to the current club.

No remote clubs.
To put it simply, no posting clubs with a message like, "Hey, this club rocks! Come to (random forum) and join the club today!"

No spammy/insulting clubs.
Clubs like "The help (random member) get lots of rep club" are annoying, and not permitted. Also, clubs against various things, or ANY sort of ethnic/racist/religious/flaming/etc. clubs are not permitted.

Make sure your club is allowed first.
For example, ALWAYS ask members before you make clubs dedicated to them, and only make it if they allow you to. This also applies to, for example, clubs dedicated to other clubs, which are not permitted.

Be specific when making a club.
Basically, when you make a club, try to give a good explanation as to what the club is about. That way, your club won't end up being closed by accident.

Avoid topic drifting.
Always try and stay on topic, which is whatever the club is dedicated to. If you feel the need to drift, please make a new thread elsewhere.

All PC rules apply here.
Obviously, the global community rules apply in MCG.

No clubs dedicated to yourself

No PMing people to join your club.
This has become a problem recently. If someone PMs you solely for the advertisement of their club, please report it by using the [Forward] button, to any of the moderators of this forum or higher staff.

Want to restart a club?
If the owner of the club becomes inactive for more then a month and you wish to restart the club, PM a MCG mod for permission before restarting.

(pls stick this and no replying to these topic)
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