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  • 20100205
    hello my real name is kolton and everyday ill post what i did note:im us central so a day there might not be a day here here is today i woke up around 6 got ready annd went to school we had a sub so we just messed around then we went to lunch my friend tyler kicked me and i spilled my milk there wasnt mutch left but i made him by another one :D free milk then i went to recess we were fighting and the teacher said notjingg when she saw us then i went to reading test easy sience definitions then home to where i am now im going to eat pizza then watch a movie then maybye get on pokemen before bed...

    by kolmad - Comments: 4 - Views: 181
  • 20091017
    So you may be wondering what I do when I'm not at Pokemen.
    This shall be my Blog to what I do outside of Pokemen whether it's online or not It'll all be here.
    Keep up cause this blog shall soon get underway!

    So before we get onto the road to what I usually do, I'll explain a bit about me - It helps because then I don't have to explain stuff later.
    So Anyway as you know I am Zappyspiker (Yay way to make an entrance) I am 14 and go to an extreamly hard out Private school which excels highly mainly in achedemics but also in Sports, music, speech and Drama and...

    by zappyspiker - Comments: 17 - Views: 389
  • 20090926
    Will come every saturday, starting today.

    Every blog has a different question for you to answer in this blog topic.



    What's your team gonna be?

    by MrMega - Comments: 4 - Views: 150
  • 20090915
    i will be posting posts in comments ..

    here is the first one - *Sharks:Hungry Hunters
    The great white shark grows up to 6.5 m (21 ft) long and is a vicious killer.It uses its excellent sense of smell to track down its prey of fish and seals.It rarely kills humans,despite its man-eating reputation.

    by Mystic_gohan2 - Comments: 19 - Views: 342

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